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About an hour's drive from Nice, some 73km, lies the medieval village of Entrevaux.
It's characteristic setting is instantly recognisable, tucked against a rocky hillside, bordering on the river Var, with high above it the 16h century fortress.
I went there one hot August day, had lunch in the village and then walked up the hill to the Citadel on top. On the way up, you can enjoy the beautiful vistas on the village and on the river valley below.

Entrevaux - seen from the air Entrevaux - seen from the air
View on Entrevaux from the fortress View on Entrevaux from the fortress
Entrevaux's turbulent history A plaque detailing an event from Entrevaux's turbulent history

Its history actually goes all the way to Roman times.
In more recent times, in the 16th century, Entrevaux was conquered by the Spanish / Italian ruler Charles V ("Charles Quint"), who slaughtered half the population. Six years later, the population rises up against him, kills him and declares itself to be part of the kingdom of the French king Francis I ("Francois 1er").
As a sign of gratitude the king grants Entrevaux the status of "royal village" or "ville royale".
This story is told on the colourful plaque at the entrance of the fortress.

The tourist train service, operated by Chemins de Fer de Provence runs 4 daily services between Nice and Digne-Les-Bains, stopping along the way at Entrevaux.

Entrevaux railway station Entrevaux railway station
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