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The perched village of Eze

About midway Nice and Monaco, on a rocky hilltop, lies the village of Eze.
Accessible from the road known as the "Moyenne Corniche" (M6007), which runs between Nice and Monaco, about half way between the two cities, lies the village of Eze.
Situated on a rocky hilltop, it's visible from miles around.

The village of Eze The village of Eze

Very well known and loved by artists and tourists alike, Eze is a lovely village to stroll through, offering beautiful views on the Mediterranean as an added bonus.

The village of Eze The village of Eze

Hitchcock's <i>To catch a Thief</i> Hitchcock's To catch a Thief
The road "Moyenne Corniche" has two siblings: la "Basse Corniche", which is right down to the coast, and is very busy in summer, and the "Grande Corniche", which is the most scenic of the three.
The "Grande Corniche" was built by Napoleon, alongside the ancient Via Aurelia, built by the Romans.
The road features in several movies, including Alfred Hitchcock's 1955 movie "To catch a Thief", with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.

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