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From the air the Côte d'Azur shows off its beauty from a different angle. From the vastness of the sea, to the busy built-up coast line, to the green rolling hills of the pre-Alps, introducing the snow-capped peaks of the French and Italian Alps.

Here's some pictures I took when flying as a passenger, my son piloting the plane:Here are some pictures of the French Riviera taken from an unusual point of view: while flying above the French Riviera. There are various flying clubs in the region, the one that I use most often is the Cannes-Mandelieu flying club. The cameras used were either a Pentax SLR, iPhone or GoPro. It was not always possible to avoid the reflection in the windows of the plane, hope you don't mind!

  • View on Sophia-Antipolis
  • Menton
  • Gourdon
  • Monaco
  • Nice Observatory
  • Mercantour National Park
  • Isola 2000 Ski Resort
  • Nice
Montagne de l'Audibergue Montagne de l'Audibergue
Blayeul Massif, near Digne Blayeul Massif, near Digne
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