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Auberge Provençale Auberge Provençale

For breakfast, can you think of anything more delicious than the combination of a freshly baked pain-au-chocolat, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a freshly brewed coffee... ? I can't ;-)
Where to start when it comes to the art of fine food and great wines... maybe it is a good idea to first of all stress that you don't need to go to a Michelin rated restaurant to enjoy good food.
Like everywhere else, there are many "ordinary" places to eat that serve fantastic food, in a beautiful and typical Provençal style environment.

For example, Auberge Provençale, in Valbonne. Lovely salads, pizza's , pasta dishes... enjoy with a glass of rosé and watch the tourists walk by on Place des Arcades, in the heart of the village.

Mougins has got many restaurants, including some with Michelin stars.
Here are some recommended restaurants in Mougins: Mougins restaurants.
The old village of Mougins is beautiful, recommended, not just for lunch or dinner, but also for a beautiful walk.

Home cooking

Fresh basil Fresh basil

Nothing beats a a home cooked meal, especially when prepared with the local produce and fresh ingredients.
Local weekly and daily markets abound in the region, allowing you to make the most delicious Mediterranean dishes - you don't need a complicated recipe, or lots of hard to get ingredients, if you have simple fresh ingredients that each will add a delicious flavour to your meal!

home cooked meal a simple home-made meal ;-)

Typical Provencal Ingredients Well-known ingredients use in daily cooking in the Provence are such illustrous items as olive oil, garlic, basil, thyme and other fresh aromatic herbs, pine nuts, tomatoes, olives, charcuterie, ... all available on the many markets across the region, all grown in the southern French sun...

Pine nuts, or pignons de pin in French, are the seeds from pine cones, and add a delicious flavour to salads, sauces (for example, pesto sauce) and to pastries.

Pine Nuts - Pignons de Pin Pine Nuts - Pignons de Pin

Olive Oil is widely used for cooking, and can be bought directly from an Olive Mill (Moulin d'Olive), of which there are many. They may also sell their produce on local village markets.

Olives Olives


dish a dish in a Michelin starred restaurant

There's a near infinite number of restaurants to be found on the Cote d'Azur, and over 20 of them have 1 or more Michelin stars! For an interactive map showing these starred restaurants, click on the map!
And here is the complete list , updated for 2017, covering the entire country: all michelin starred restaurants

Michelin starred restaurants in France

Of course there are many reasonably priced restaurants that offer excellent value for many, I will endeavour to blog about them as and when I visit them (see my blog 'Riviera Post').

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