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Shops abound on the French Riviera, both in sheer quantity as well as in variety.
This is due to multiple factors: for starters, the Côte d'Azur has a population of about 2 million people; then there are the tourists, who are coming en masse to this region, it being one of the most popular tourist destionations in the world; and thirdly, there are many very wealthy people living or staying on the Côte d'Azur.
There are many very large hypermarkets from the major chains, such as Carrefour, LeClerc, Auchan, Decathlon and Castorama.
Many specialist shops sell every conceivable item, and designer boutiques stock all the major designer labels.
In most larger shops you'll always find someone who speaks (a little) English.

There are a number of large shopping centres, the best known being:

Cap 3000 shopping centre Cap 3000 shopping centre

Cap 3000 in St. Laurent-du-Var, has recently expanded its parking capacity, has got a large variety of shops and is large and spacious.
Also, when tired of shopping, you can just wander outside, straight onto the beach!
( )

Nice Etoile shopping centre Nice Etoile shopping centre

Nice Etoile in the centre of Nice, is more difficult to get to , and feels a bit cramped, but it beats the others in terms of its location: right in the heart of Nice, along the beautiful and pedestrianised Avenue Jean Médecin (ending in the famous Place Masséna).
( Nice Etoile>Nice )

Polygone Riviera shopping centre Polygone Riviera shopping centre

Polygone Riviera is a brand new shopping centre, situated in Cagnes-sur-Mer. It is beautifully designed, with lots of green spaces, easily accessible and has got plenty of parking. Minus point (for me) is that most of the shops are clothing shops...
( Polygone )

Provençal markets sell fresh produce Provençal markets sell fresh produce

Apart from the shops, there are of course many regular markets, selling fresh local produce, clothing and crafts.
Nearly every village has got at least one weekly market, and some of the larger towns have got many more.
For a non-exhaustive list see Markets on the French Riviera (Grasse Tourism)

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