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French Riviera Walks - Crêtes du Bauroux

About 45 minutes north-east of Grasse lies the tiny village of Caille. The mountain range just west of Caille is called Crêtes du Bauroux, or the Bauroux Ridge; from its highest point, Bauroux, at 1644m above sea level, one has a truly splendid, 360 degrees view of the vast landscape below, from the Alps in the north-west, north and east, the Mediterranean Sea in the south, to the Esterel and other Provençal mountain ranges in the south-west.

Crêtes du Bauroux View on the way up to Crêtes du Bauroux

The most recent time I walked up to Bauroux it was January (New Year's Day actually) , and snow and ice patches made the walk a bit more difficult; although nothing to hard, as temperatures had risen a bit during the last few days.
Best time to walk is from May to November.

From where I started, just north of Caille, at Col Bas and signpost number 182, it was about an hour and a half up to the Bauroux peak; I then took the same way back to the car, because there was not much daylight left (which took me 45 minutes). If you have more time, you can also do the round trip, along the villages of Caille and Seranon, see map to the right.

View east from Crêtes du Bauroux View east from Crêtes du Bauroux
The view north, about two-thirds of the way up The view north, about two-thirds of the way up
Bauroux highest point At the highest point, called Bauroux, at 1644m
View from Bauroux View from Bauroux


Map of the Bauroux walk Map of the Bauroux walk (© )
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