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Caussols - Haut Montet

Visible from a large part of the Côte d'Azur, including from the coast, is big while balloon of the radar support system used by Nice based air traffic control.
The walk starts off the D12 road that runs from Gourdon across the Caussols plateau. It's a relatively easy walk, taking about 2h - 2h30 return, depending on how much time you want to stop and take in the 360 degree panoramic views!

Radar surveillance beacon at Haut Montet Radar surveillance beacon at Haut Montet
Haut-Montet On the way to the top, looking back...
Haut-Montet View to the north, across the Causolls plateau
Haut-Montet .. another view to the north...


map haut montet Map showing start and end point - GPS coordinates of starting point: [43.734233 , 6.941923]
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