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The perched village of Gourdon

High above the Côte d'Azur, overlooking nearly the entire region, is the village of Gourdon, classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France.
Views range from Nice airport in the east, all the way to Cannes and beyond, to the Esterel, in the west.

Gourdon The village of Gourdon
Early evening sun on Gourdon Early evening sun on Gourdon"

Gourdon lies at about 800m altitude, and frequently sees snow in winter.
It's an old fortified village, well over 1,000 years old, its location obviously chosen to provide maximum visibility of the surroundings, and making it impossible to appraoch without being seen.
Gourdon is only accessible from the north, where thick ramparts were built to protect its inhabitants.

View from Gourdon View from Gourdon

A bit further up to road, heading north and east, in the direction of Greolières, is a so-called Lavanderaie, which I would translate as "Lavender garden".
It's a tranquil place, a simple garden with lots of lavender, where you can wander around, just enjoying the scent of the lavender, and soaking up the silence...
There's a couple of viewing points, providing breathtaking views on the gorges of the river Loup, deep down below.

Lavender garden near Gourdon Lavender garden near Gourdon
View form Lavender garden near Gourdon View down into the gorges of the Loup, seen from the Lavender garden near Gourdon

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