After lots of rain: lots of sunshine (it must be Spring)


After several days of heavy rain, the sun is back! A beautiful time to go for a walk .  Spring is always a bit of tricky time of year , weather can be warm and sunny, but it can also rain a lot . This continues all the way up to June. Ah well, that’s why the Côte d’Azur is so green and lush!

The beautiful village of Greolières was basking in the sunlight.

and the first signs of spring:

The hiking trail GR4 (for Grande Randonnée 4) , which starts in nearby Grasse and continues all the way to the Atlantic coast at Royan, also visits Greolières, and makes for a beautiful walk : alongside the ruins of a 12th century chapel, up the flanks of the Cheiron mountain range. You can continue to walk in easterly direction, towards the village of Coursegoules, or cross the range to the other side, where you’ll find the ski slopes of Greolières-les-Neiges.

Or you can, as I did, just stop after 30min, sit down, take in the landscape and enjoy the sunshine!

12th century chapel at Greolières.