Île de Porquerolles: a truly golden island

Porquerolles is the biggest of the three islands that make up the  Îles d’Hyères; the other two are  Île de Port-Cros and l’Île du Levant.

Just 15 minutes by ferry, which leaves from the La Tour Fondue harbour, south of the town of Hyères.

The northern side has beautiful beaches, whereas the southern side of the island is a bit more exposed (to the frequently blowing Mistral).
There are various walks criscrossing the island, and around the coast. The island is not big, measuring around 7km from east to west, and 3km from north to south (4 by 2 miles); most people hire a bike to get around, in the town of Porquerolles there are various outlets renting out mountain bikes and child carriages for towing. The pictures you can see here were taken on Easter Sunday 2017 (April 16th), when I went out there for a day trip. It was still a bit chilly so nobody was venturing any deeper into the water than up to their knees. Look at the colour of the water… if you have a chance to visit, much recommended!

Porquerolles – Plage d’Argent
Porquerolles – Plage d’Argent
Porquerolles – Plage Notre Dame
Pointe de l’aiguade
Porquerolles – the more exposed southern and western side