May: between Spring and Summer

May on the French Riviera means: longer days, warmer weather (sometimes! sometimes it may also mean days of cold rain),  Cannes Film Festival and the  Monaco Grand Prix.

The last few days have been glorious. Already the days have started to get longer and longer, with the sun setting at around 8.50pm  (only 1 month away from the longest day!), and after last week’s rainy weather (and the turmoil of the presidential election), the last few days have been a lot warmer, with temperatures in the mid-twenties Celsius (mid-70s Fahrenheit).
I had dinner outside last night, in the old centre of Nice, just meters away from the beach:

promenade des anglais
Nice Promenade des Anglais at sunset
Nice Promenade des Anglais by night

Summer, holidays and vacation time are almost upon us (in the northern hemisphere at least)!
As mentioned earlier, I may venture into Cannes in the next few days, see if I can capture some of the action!

Cannes Film Festival – only two weeks away!


The Cannes Film Festival is nearly upon us . This year the Festival celebrates its 70th birthday . 

A lot of the preparations have been completed:

  1. The Jury has been selected, made up of four men and four women, all influential people in the film industry, chaired by the Spanish director and producer  Pedro Almodóvar
  2. The line-up of competing movies is growing, and not yet finalised
  3. After a warmer spell in April, the weather turned colder and showery again, as is to be expected around the big festivals in May (Film Festival, and Monaco Grand Prix) – by the last weekend in May, when both events have finished, summer will start.
    May weather…

    more May weather…





I wanted to promise you live pictures from Cannes, but I’m not sure I will have the courage to brave the congested roads around Cannes …  to be decided! 😉

ps.  Here is the link to the excellent site of the festival: