Canyoning in the Esteron river

Near the beautiful village of Gillette (some 20 minutes from Nice, an authentic village with beautiful views on the river delta of the river Var,  worth a stop-over) , is the Pont de la Cerise, an old stone bridge across the Esteron river, just where it takes a sharp right turn and just before beautiful gorges that run for several hundreds meters.

Very popular in summer, it is a great place for a picnic, a swim , or some some canyoning!

Park around here [43.856026 N, 7.136795E], and walk for about 25 minutes down the rocky track winding its way down to the river and the bridge.

Once at the bridge, walk down the rocky slope, get into the water and swim / walk / clamber across the rocks downstream to appreciate the beautifully sculpted white rock walls.
Strange rock formations provide a clue as to how these gorges where formed.

When we were there yesterday (August 17th) the water was not cold at all, a perfect temperature actually, given the heat of the summer sun.


ps. For more pictures of the Esteron river, take a look at this page on the main web site.

Col de la Bonette: fresh mountain air at 2800m !

I went for a (rather long drive) up in to the mountains, through the Tinée valley, past the village of Isola , all the way up to the Col de la Bonnette.

The road leading up to the Col de la Bonette is known as the highest mountain road in Europe,  culminating in the Cime (Peak) de la Bonette, at 2810 meters above sea level.

The scenery throughout the 22km up to the pass, and during the subsequent 22km down, towards the village of Jaussiers, is breathtaking at every single turn of the road .

During the winter months this road is closed, but now, early August , with simmering heat down in the valleys, fresh air (20 degrees cooler than lower down!),  little or no wind, brilliant blue skies, the road makes for a perfect day trip.

I found myself stopping the car about every 5 minutes!

afternoon sun, on the way up (northwards)
At 2500m altitude
At the highest point , 2810 meters
About 10 mins before sunset (on the way back)