Infernet: scenic streams, ancient rocks and forest fires

Close to Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, a large  forested area north of  Les-Pennes-Mirabeau went up in flames during the summer of 2016, destroying trees as well as several houses.

Today, January 2018, the scars from that fire are still very visible ; at the same time, nature shows its resilience : new seedlings are starting to grow , and existing shrubs and trees start turning green again.

There is an easy and pretty walk through the area, leading to the source of the (tiny) river Infernet.

Thanks to recent rains there are  various little streams in the area, seeming to appear from nowhere out of the orange rocks.

Source of the river Infernet
Scorched trees
Ravine through which the Infernet river flows

Winter storms: a different face of the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is mostly a very calm sea, with average wave and swell heights rarely exceeding 1m.

Sometimes however, swells can grow to 2-3 meter, sometimes more!

Today there was a 2.5m easterly swell, really impressive. I went to Cap d’Antibes, on the easter side to take some pictures, and then on to the Esterel, near Trayas, als very exposed.

Rough seas , Cap d’Antibes
Cap d’Antibes

Calanque d’Aurelle, Esterel